Nebula AI —May 2020 AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the May 2020 AMA session on June 28th , 2020. The Founder, Charles Cao updated with the community members about the latest project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

Development Progress

Mobile Wallet in implementation

Filecoin test environment setup

GPU mining with filecoin solution integrated

Upgrade the data center rack for support more servers

Add cloud mining support in mobile app

Business Progress

Participate in several China city import policy meeting, include Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai

Design the brochures for cloud computing and lease documents

Purchase 10 more servers to increase the capability in GPU computing

Start business collaboration in China for filecoin storage power mining

Purchased 3M tokens from exchanges using the income we got in enterprise solutions

Init the collaboration in datacenters with

Continue working with CENGN in the muti-datacenter testing aiming in August

Filecoin Incentive Program

•Nebula AI will participate Filecoin incentive Program as the North America Node

•Filecoin integration will be part of the nebula file system solution

•For community who want to participate the Filecoin incentive Program, you can join it using NBAI tokens for purchase the cloud mining contracts.

•One year contract sales at per Tb 150 USDT equivalent NBAI tokens. The exchange rate will be the same as NBAI Cloud. 1USDT =1000 nbai

  • Sales start in early July.

Future Plans

Filecoin Testnet incentive Program

Start in July 20th,cloud mining sales start early July.


Beta V1 wallet development complete end of July


Employee training in technology and project management

Marketing Plan

Marketing plan in Canada return to work

Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.