Nebula AI — June 2021 Monthly Report

Charles Cao, founder of Nebula AI, hosted the June AMA session on July 15th. Here is a summary of the AMA session:

Development Progress

NBFS Pool Development

  • We fixed the Pool performance fluctuations that occurred around 1PB. There was another bug that was resolved that prevent users from being able to update all their information from Harvest.
  • Chia withdraw function works perfectly. Users must wait 24 hours before they receive the payment.
  • The NBFS website is undergoing new design changes and more information about the hosting, project, and partnerships will be added.
  • We are planning on adding a lending function.

Infrastructure Development

  • The second Montreal Data Center has been operational for one month. With two data centers in Montreal, we will be able to do cross communications and more tasking with two nodes in two geographical locations. Previously we were using AWS as liter services, but now it will be moved to our own data centers, which will help us with implementation and research.
  • We are researching the possibility of providing blockchain as infrastructure services, which is similar to anchor blockchain, but will be doing more on the thinking side.
  • We are thinking about supporting the heavier nodes such as Neochain, Filecoin, and Polygon, which will require a large SD and fast uploading and downloading speed.

NBAI Development

  • BSC cross chain testnet development has been done. NBAI token was successfully swapped to BSC chain.
  • We will be continuing to work on the BSC mainnet smart contract development in July.
  • R&D in pancake support is something we would like to do. Binance Tokens were purchased for the liquidity and AMM.

Computing as Service

  • We are continuing to research and develop the cross chain payment to the Filecoin Network. We will then be able to do computing and other service payments through the Filecoin Network.
  • On the hardware side of things, since the Filecoin/Chia sealing servers well suited for computing, they will be converted for computing purposes.

This is what is currently happening to the Chia mining Pool. Recently there was a drop in the protocol label, which was caused but the instability in the Chia protocol network. The total power of the Chia network has decreased. However, this is not because Chia has less people mining, but it is because a new mining pool with a new protocol is attracting miners.

Business Progress

  • We won Filecoin North America Notary Position.
  • Fundraising is still ongoing, but we are receiving positive feedback.
  • Shanghai office registration delayed due to COVID-19, expected to be done before the end of July.
  • FS3-S3 compliant SDK grant was approved by the Filecoin Foundation. SDK will collaborate to allow people to save content through the Filecoin Network. This will act as a secondary service on the Nebula AI chain that will be expanded to the Filecoin Network.
  • We are working with ecosystem team for the machine learning support.
  • Two Golang developers and one blockchain have joined Nebula AI.
  • A marketing specialist has joined the team as well.

Future Plans

Dex Development

  • Continue to the decentralized listing development. Complete token swap on BSC and ETH, build and exchange pair with Filecoin to be able to do trading between the tokens.
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges
  • Continue working on it after the Dex volume increases.
  • PR Plan
  • Content creation review and publishing. The new marketing specialist will be helping with content creation and posting to the various social media platforms. A new WeChat group was opened. We are planning on adding new market team members.

NBAI blockchain

  • Smart contract support and wallet signature support will be added after listing on the BSA Network.

Chia mining

  • Sealing is almost complete, so we will not be accepting any new orders.

New Mining product

  • We do not need any new mining products at the moment. There is no intention to open a new product line. However existing Filecoin customers can continue sealing.

Decentralized Cloud

  • The Nebula ledger will be updated with new design of the load balancer.
  • Smart Contract Review and update
  • BSC integration
  • ICP tech spec reference research is ongoing. For now, we see that their design is very similar to ours, but they are using more smart contracts.

Marketing plan

  • Manage social media and PR to introduce NBAI’s technology to add more containers for CPU-based computing.

Bounty plan

  • Delayed until the token is listed on more exchanges.
  • 10 million NBAI token will be allocated for bounties in Q3.
  • Content creation and community PR is ongoing.
  • Tool Development

Listing Plan

  • Continue listing plan for NBAI
  • Add Defi as an option
  • Need community vote for application fee


Q: When is listing?

A: The Dex listing will happen at the end of July. The Centralized application is ongoing and will become much faster after Dex listing.

Q: Where is the Nebula AI roadmap?





Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.

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Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.

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