Nebula AI —April 2020 AMA Monthly Report

Nebula AI hosted the April 2020 AMA session on May 13rd , 2020. The Founder, Charles Cao updated with the community members about the latest project and business progress, as well as answered questions from the community.

Development Progress

  • Design store function to NBAI cloud, the original model is from NBAI store

•Mobile Wallet starts implementation

  • Research in internet of things integration

•Split the project to multi-docker file for easier boot up

  • Create design and testing script for multi data center test, the tests will work with 3 data centers with Tesla P100 Data Center GPU servers

Business Progress

•Working closely with D3 incubator center for business development local

•Canada returns to work aiming at end of May

• Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy support arrives

  • NRC COVID-19 innovation program in progress

•Two new employees join the company in front end and backend development

  • Cooperation in China market continues
  • Contentiously work with Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN )

Future Plans

•Complete the NBAI online store development in May

•Internal v1.0.0 wallet development complete end of May

•Employee training in technology and project management

•Marketing plan in Canada return to work

Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.