Nebula AI 2021 July &August AMA Report

4 min readSep 20, 2021

Nebula AI 2021July &August AMA Report

On September 8, 2021, Charles, the founder of Nebula AI, hosted the July and August AMA meetings in a bilingual format. The following is a summary of the meetings.

Development Progress

NFBS Development:

Revenue calculator for Filecoin

  • Help client to identify the ROI of filecoin mining
  • Hiring more developers working on network architecture and optimization.

Infrastructure improvement

  • In the research of how to promote to multiple chains, such as BSC and Matic, the common feature of these chains is that the rate of growth is extremely quick. Maintaining synchronization in the rapidly growing network while ensuring security is a big challenge. This includes hardware storage, on-chain monitoring, and preventing external attacks.
  • Whether to do a liquidity farming like Defi is under study.
  • Enhancement of the cold wallet saving.

NBAI Development

  • The NBAI Token smart contract has been swapped on the BSC main net, which means we may now convert NBAI Token coins to BSC 2.0 Token.
  • Also planning on coming list to Pancake to enhance the NBAI Token liquidity.

Cross chain payment as service:

  • The work that has been done on BSC will be performed on other blockchains e.g. Polygon
  • Add on-chain events and transactions scanning for explorer support

5. NBAI network swapping to BSC mainnet steps:

  • Open the Metamask wallet and set the network to NBAI Network.
  • Transfer NBAI Token from the NBAI network to the following contract address:0xe11A86849d99F524cAC3E7A0Ec1241828e332C62(Note: Make sure you have more than 100 NBAI Token in your wallet, as this swapping process will cost you 100 NBAI Token for the swapping consumption.)
  • Wait about 5 minutes to switch the network to BSC network.
  • Click “Assets->”Add Token” in your wallet, add the following contract address:0xDA1554cFe654871033beC02253937B772811eE7F and NBAI-BEP20 Token will be added to your asset list.
  • Finally, you will find the NBAI BEP 20 Token you have successfully swapped in your wallet.

(We will provide a more detailed swapping tutorial, so please be patient).

Business Progress

In the past month, we gained about 100TB of Filecoin 10x datacap, which will reach 1PB level of data after sealing.

  • At the end of September, the Shanghai office will begin hiring marketing and development employee.
  • The FS3- S3 compatible SDK began development in August and the first phase of the product was released in August, allowing future payment for Filecoin storage with a variety of digital currencies. The FIL foundation has awarded R&D grant to this project.
  • Development of payment projects in collaboration with other blockchain teams.
  • 1 blockchain developer and 2 Golang developers joined the Nebula AI team.
  • 1 Marketing Specialist joined the Nebula AI team.
  • Continued hiring of Ops Engineer, Junior Software Engineer, Marketing Director, and a Marketing Intern.

Future Plans

Cloud mining Reward distribution

  • 1-year Filecoin cloud product reward survey . Each successful NBAI community participant will be rewarded at least 1 FIL.
  • The 1-year Filecoin cloud product sold in August 2020 expected earning is 3.4 FIL per TB per year, excluding the space race rewards.

Listing Plan

  1. Select a Token
  2. Manage Tokens -> Tokens ->0xDA1554cFe654871033beC02253937B772811eE7F

PR Plan

  • Add content creation, review, and publishing. Add new marketing team members
  • Manage various media platforms and strengthen PR to promote NBAI’s technology
  • Add more space for CPU-based cloud computing.

Bounty Plan

  • 10 million NBAI Token will be allocated in the fourth quarter to bounty users who contribute to the community. NBAI users will be rewarded for their contributions in the following categories:
  • Content Creation
  • Community PR
  • Tool Development

New products

  • The unsealed Chia storage has been refunded to investors.
  • May launch new Filecoin cloud product, the product price is still in discussion

6. Decentralized cloud computing:

  • Nebula AI will update the pledge, will use the new load balancer design.
  • Smart contract review and update.
  • BSC integration.
  • SOL technical specifications reference and research.


Q: What is the relationship between Filecoin and Nebula AI?

A: Nebula AI and Filecoin have a very close official relationship: we do a lot of development work together, including payment solutions for which we also provide the appropriate interface to Filecoin

Q: When will Pancake be available for trading?

A: We are now doing the corresponding preparatory work if all goes well will be completed before the 10th of this month deployment.

Q: Are there any other plans for the listing?

A: Of course. After the accomplishment of the listing on BSC,NBAI project will have more users, better volume, and we will do more PR work to promote it, which will help increase our listing on more exchanges.

Q: What are the current practical commercial applications of NBAI Token? What is the potential for future use? What can coin holders expect?

A: First, NBAI Token is a supported payment currency with all our products, it will also be the primary payment currency in the multi-chain payment model developed in the future. With more use cases supported, the value will be enhanced even more.

Q: Will the NBAI Token on Pancake shelves increase exposure on coinmarketcap?

A: The answer is yes. Pancake is on the BSC chain, and both BSC and Pancake are part of the Coinmarketcap product. By increasing the liquidity and trading of the product, it will increase the probability of showing up on Coinmarketcap. But it also depends on our trading volume and Coinmarketcap’s own judgment.

If you have any question, please contact us in




Nebula AI is a Montreal based decentralized blockchain platform integrated with Artificial intelligence and sharing economics.